• Today on Business Spotlight: Ottawa Kent Insurance

    Tuesday, November 6, 2018   /   by Larry Martin

    Today on Business Spotlight: Ottawa Kent Insurance

    On today’s episode of Business Spotlight, we’ll be highlighting Ottawa Kent Insurance.

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    Welcome back to another episode of our Business Spotlight series. This time, we’ve brought on special guest Noah Haverdink of Ottawa Kent Insurance to talk about how he and his company are serving our area.

    “At Ottawa Kent, we strive to be different,” says Noah. “We strive to lower your risk profile.” If you aren’t already aware, a risk profile is to insurance what a credit score is to the mortgage industry.

    The professionals at Ottawa Kent, like Noah, do everything in their power to go beyond what people might typically expect from an insurance company. They do much more than simply meet once per year with their clients. In Noah’s words, their work is a “constant movement throughout the year to lower your risk profile and see better results in your insurance.”

    Unfortunately, many people feel as if they’re held captive to the insurance industry. And this is especially true if they are someone who receives workers’ comp. People receiving workers’ comp may feel that they have little to no control, but Noah says this isn’t the case. Ottawa Kent Insurance has many platforms that help people in this position to take back control.

    Noah and his fellow insurance professionals at Ottawa Kent go above and beyond when reviewing their clients’ policies and coverage.

    And this same flexibility extends beyond just insurance pertaining to workers’ comp. When it comes to business insurance in any regard, the important thing is to look critically at the type of coverages you have.

    With over 50,000 insurance agents in Michigan, anyone can simply bring you a policy—but that’s the bare minimum of what an agent can and should do. The experience of working with Ottawa Kent is much different.

    Noah and his fellow insurance professionals at Ottawa Kent go above and beyond when reviewing their clients’ policies and coverage. They will tell you where you’re over or underinsured, and do everything within their power to meet your needs. “We can take a look at your policies for free. There’s no added charge,” says Noah.

    Ottawa Kent has created a unique process to manage and mitigate your company's risk. We are looking to partner with growth-oriented industry leaders to implement risk management strategies to ensure the future success of your company. Put us to work at no additional cost to you and watch how our process not only gives your company a competitive edge but challenges the traditional way of insurance. Call, email, or text to set up a meeting to learn more!

    And, as always, if you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.